DiscumBOBulator – New addition to the floor

Can one have to many pedals to play with? Maybe, but this is one you should have.

Got this pedal on recommendation from my old teacher and friend, Mr Funk himself Stefan Redtenbacher. Please check him out here www.redtenbachersfunkestra.com. Btw, The Funkestra’s latest album “The Cooker’ is a treat and feature ace players like Eric Krasno & Lenny Picket. The RB Funkestra is a super hot band too!

And now something about the pedal…

What can I say, it sounds great and I guess more “musical” and not as aggressive as  some other pedals I’ve tried and own. Have only tried it with Bass, but Emma Electronic say that it can be used with other instruments like Guitar and Keys due to its superb tracking. Yes, it tracks very nicely!

Please go and check out their other great products at: www.emmaelectronic.com  My next addition will probably be a TransMORGrifier compressor…

Emma Electronics DiscumBOBulator

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