About Me!

I’m a Swedish Bass Player that came to England in 1997 with the aim to study music for a year and then go back. Well… the year passed and I’m still here!

Emil Engström Gear List

The story so far…

I started playing clarinet at the age of 9. Picked up the bass at 14 (someone has got to do it…). After school I went on to Study music in Skövde (Sweden) for 3 years. I moved to London in 1997 to study some more music, and I’m still here.

I have been working with the following Groups/Artists: 5 Play, BluesMix, Earl Green & The Right Time, Earl Jackson, Five Field Holler, Franck Ash, Gabrielle, Headroom, Guy Tortora, Ket & The Music Clinic, Micky Moody, Peter James Kahn, Phat Medallion, Rollo Markee & The Tailshakers, Todd Sharpville to name a few.

I live in Fleet, Hampshire with my lovely wife Silke and our many pets.

Hope to see you at a gig in the near future!